Best Html5 Animation Tools

HTML5 languages is definitely the most widely used one by website designers and developers all over the world. It provides not only rich feature set such as eyes catchy visual elements, well defined tags and very easy to use.  As a result, your website will become more attractive to visitors and off course, increase your sales.

HTML5 animation tools play an important role in creating interesting content on your website as said above. There are hundred of Free/ paid Html5 animation tool you can easily find on google, however, not all of them are user-friendly, easy-to-use with reasonable price.

Quick Html5 Animation Tool download and install guide

 Step 1: Download free trial of Html5 Animation tool – Saola Animate here. (For Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 64 bit only.

Step 2: Install Saola Animate on your computer. A shortcut to the tool will be created on your Desktop.

Step 3: Start creating Html5 Animation in Saola by running the program.

No.1 Saola Animate – #1 Html5 Animation Tool for 2017

Saola Animate has just recently launched product from Atomi Systems INC which is named “Saola Animate”. It is recommended to be the ultimate tool for designing and building HTML5 web content using an integrated visual interface. Saola Animate enables you to do almost everything in an intuitive editor with no coding skills required.


What you can do with Saola Animate

As a Html5 Animation tool that has been developed since 2014 by enthusiastic engineers of Atomi who created Activepresenter – one of the most famous screencast software in the world now. You don’t need to understand anything about coding to become a professional user with Saola Animate. See below our recommendations about what you can do:

  • Create responsive, interactive banners, buttons or indicators for your website: You don’t have to use static picture for web slide, advertisement banner on footer or side bar of your website. We believe that an interactive banner, buttons or indicators will have further effects than a picture with some text.
  • Make interesting animated e-cards: You can send these animated e-cards to your friends, customers or you beloved children.
  • Create interactive animated info graphics to visualize your data point and show your customer what is the important thing they need to consider.
  • Create interactive mini web games: You don’t need to be software engineer to create interesting games to share with your friends, colleagues or showing your customers about what you are going to create with just some simple clicks.
  • Create Animated interactive templatesfor sales on your website. You can earn money from creating online library for visitors to download.
  • Make Interactive, intuitive presentations for students and teachers.

We believe that this tool in combination with your creativeness, more wonderful products will be invented in the future.

Saola Animate – HTML5 animation tool also has flexible layout that works well on any platform or device.

For better understanding, We suggest you visit and stall out what they presented.


Saola Animate key features highlight.

  • Timelines: Timelines act as a container for animations and a ruler that measures time. Each scene can have multiple timelines to satisfy a large number of elements, animations, and interactivity. Control timeline playback to create rich and interactive animations.
  • Scenes: Think of scenes as slides in Microsoft PowerPoint. Manage scenes to control the flow of your animations to create amazing visual experiences.
  • Sprite Sheets: A sprite sheet is a sequence of various graphics arranged in one bitmap image file. Thanks to sprite sheets, you can create an animated character representing one or several animation sequences while only needing to load a single file.
  • Auto-Keyframe: Auto-Keyframe allows automatically generating keyframes when creating animations. Accordingly, it makes keyframing easier and shortens the time you put in your animations.
  • Motion Paths: Motion Paths is the best idea when it comes to creating movement. It allows you to draw complex curves than just a straight line, animating your object to move more naturally.
  • Easing Methods: Easing specifies the speed at which a transition progresses over time. Up to 40 easing methods are at hand to make your animations more stunning and natural.
  • Shapes & SVG: Saola puts a large variety of preset shapes at your fingertips. Besides, importing SVG is also supported to allow reusing any existing vector graphics design in your animation.
  • Interactivity: Interactivity is a great way to gain and keep audience’s attention and interest as it allows them to experience interactive control. Engage your viewers by adding actions and triggers in response to events such as a mouse click or a key press.
  • Flexible Layout: Saola Animate supports flexible layout, that is, the size of the document adapts to the browser window size. Flexible layout allows your animations to run perfectly on any device and browser.
  • Script Support: JavaScript comes in handy when you want to make your own interactivity. Saola has a powerful built-in code editor with intelligent features, letting you quickly create and edit JS functions. The JavaScript API is also available to back you up at any time.
  • HTML5: Turn your ideas into reality with dynamic, interactive, and engaging web content. HTML5 and its extensive functionality empower you to bring your vision to life with no end of advanced animations and interactivity.
  • Symbols: Use symbols to share identical elements, scenes, timelines, and animations across scenes or at different positions in the same scene.


  • Free trial within 30 days.
  • 39$ per license yearly.
  • 99$ per license lifetime.

Operation systems requirements:

  • Windows 7,8, 8.1, 10 (in 64-bit only).

Download Saola Animate here:

Saola Animate Tutorial Demo

Create Html5 Animation in Saola Tutorial video

Purchase note

Whenever you visit Saola’s homepage, you will be requested to create an account for better technical support, updates in the future. During free trial period, you don’t have to provide any billing information such as credit card info. to the seller.

By creating an account on Saola’s homepage, you also gain some points that will help you reduce the cost on next purchase. Remember: You don’t have to provide payment information when creating account.

No.2 Tumult Hype 3.6 – Create beautiful Html5 web content

Developed by Tumult, located in San Francisco since since 2010. Tumult hype is considered to be one of the best html5 animation tools in the world now.  You are able to create interactive web content and animations to work on desktops, smartphones and iPads without any coding skills.


What can you do with Tumult Hype 3.6?

As a powerful html5 animation tool, Tumult hype allow you to create interesting content for your web pages with state of the art out put such as html5, CSS3 styles and Javascript. You are able to make below things:

  • Create animated banners, buttons, or indicators to direct users’s attention perfectly.
  • Create high degree of interactivity such as portfolios or galleries for your web pages.
  • Produce eCards in animated GIF.
  • Make entire books or animated educational content in existing ibooks. You can also create an entire books also.
  • Visualize and clarify data points in animated infographics.
  • Add effects to your power point presentations.

Highlight features

  • Keyframes-based animation systems Allow you to create keyframe automatically after you click “record”. It also allow you to manually add, remove, re-arrange, create natural curves keyframes. Clicking and dragging on element’s motion path to add control points is an advantages of Tumult Hype.
  • Time line Timelines for the scene can be added and play when triggered by actions. This capability lets you add interactivity — mousing over an element could trigger a timeline to play which animates other elements in the scene.
  • Actions Engage your viewers and trigger custom animations, scene transitions, sounds, or JavaScript functions in response to actions like mouse clicks, touch events, specific times, or document events.
  • Scenes Scenes are similar to slides in presentation software, and are a great way to simplify animation flow or separate content. Tumult Hype lets you make as many scenes as needed, and a variety of actions can switch between scenes using smooth transitions.
  • Multiple Browser Support Tumult Hype tries hard to deliver 100% fidelity across all browsers. Yes, that even includes IE 6! When there are no good fallbacks, Tumult Hype warns about browser incompatibilities in the inspector and at export time, so you’re never caught by surprise.
  • HTML5 Content and CSS3 Effects Built-in support for HTML5 audio and video allows for creating multimedia experiences. Tumult Hype strives to always adopt cutting edge features, like blurring, hue shifts, box shadows, reflection, and 3D transformations. A rich inspector accompanies Tumult Hype’s scene editor, letting you dive in and easily tweak every aspect of your content.
  • Easy to embed When exporting, Tumult Hype creates an entirely self-contained directory that holds all the resources and JavaScript for your content. Upload that directory to your web server, copy and paste three lines of HTML into your existing web page, and you’re good to go. Tumult Hype also supports exporting to MP4 Video, Animated GIF, and iBooks Author to create interactive textbooks.
  • For mobile Unlike other tools, Tumult Hype creates content for everything from the latest desktop browsers, to mobile devices like iPhone and Android. Its lightweight runtime is 24 KB (compressed) and requires only 3 network connections, making it ideal for ads and fast on low-latency cellular connections.
  • Extend with Code Tumult Hype puts all the power of JavaScript at your fingertips. The integrated JavaScript editor lets you write custom functions triggered by user actions. The Tumult Hype JavaScript API can manipulate the scenes from inside or outside of the embedded Tumult Hypecontent.


  • Free trial for macOS 10.8++ only.
  • Pro Version at 49,99$

Lear more about Tumult Hype 3.6 here


No.3 Animatron – Best Online Html5 Animation Tool for SMEs

Animatron is one of most powerful web-base Html5 Animation makers in the world now. Like other web-base tool, you need to have a good internet connection to use this tool. With Animatron, you have various choice in their built-in templates galary which allow you to choose animated background, music, photo and videos with more than 300.00 stocks in their paid version. Creating html5 animation in Animatron is as easy as Saola Animate with drag-n-drop actions only. You are able to share your work or download it to your computer easily in Html5 Code, PNG, SVG, SVG SML Animation or videos, GIF.

It is a drawback in Animatron that they have many limitations in free version but it is still one of the best html5 animation tool now.

Animatron Interface

Animatron Interface

What you can do with Animatron

  • Make explainer videos: You are able to create high converting animated epxlainers and share your creations easily.
  • Design html5 responsive banners. Animatron can create beautiful, responsive banners for your website.
  • Make stunning presentations: Animated presentation is more and more popular now. Animatron is one of the best alternatives to Power point of Microsoft.

Disadvantages of Animatron

Despite the fact that Animatron is a strong, powerful web-based html5 animation tool, it’s free version’s limitations and monthly pirce at 15$ for Pro version and 30$/month for Preimum version is some how very expensive in comparison with Saola Animate that We recommended in the beginning of this post.

No.4 NodeFire

NodeFire is a responsive focused HTML5 animator for your website. Emulate desktop, tablet, and mobile devices while in design mode.

No.5 Bannersnack

Create animated HTML5 Banner Ads or intricate web animations for FREE with our simple online tool.Animate in HTML5 without any coding skills!

No.6 Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is a free, professional-grade HTML5 authoring tool. Build interactive, animated HTML5 creative, no coding necessary.

No.7 Hippani

Free HTML5 Animation Tool HTML5, CSS3 and SVG are quickly becoming the preferred method of web animation. Gone are the days of Flash, Silverlight.

No.8 Html5 Maker

Create Free Animated Banners and Sliders. Responsive, mobile friendly. AdWords and DoubleClick compatible. 200+ Free Templates and Image gallery.

No.9 Radi

Heard about HTML5 yet? … There are other applications that can create HTML5 animations. … Radi has tools that let you create graphics directly in the app.

(To be continued…)

Final words

We have to remind you again that: “There is no best tool for every one, but only best for your needs”. If you need a professional, cost-effective html5 animation tool for your work, pick up one of our recommendations and enjoy their features.

Share with us your experience in your chosen tool to help us improve our post better in the future.

Good Luck!



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